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I am highly concerned about the “resignation” of Mike Tucker from his position as Chairman of British Eventing. For the time being I have given this website over to expressing this, through the publication of the following letter, sent to both the Board of British Eventing and The Horse& Hound magazine with a view to raising my concerns among the membership and supporters of British Eventing.


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Open letter to

The Board of British Eventing




17 September 2005




Dear Board members


I am extremely disappointed that the board of British Eventing has forced, or accepted, Mike Tucker’s resignation as Chairman. Though not privy to their deliberations, nor the Windsor Event finances, I would be astonished if there were any question of financial impropriety on his part.


Apparently the financial loss was considerable – it drew much head shaking among the cognoscenti at Blenheim – but I cannot believe that this loss has so damaged British Eventing’s finances that the Chairman should go.


I am not suggesting for one minute that serious mistakes were not made, nor that there aren’t lessons to be learned.


But there is a difference between ensuring that Boards and Directors are held properly accountable and making an individual a scapegoat.


Mike Tucker has not brought about the financial ruin of British Eventing. On the contrary I would bet that he has done much to bring money into the sport over the years.


I wonder if the Directors were unanimous about what should be done as they considered the issues at stake - namely the financial losses, the management of the event itself, and the effectiveness of the Board’s oversight?


I understand that Mike did the decent thing and offered his resignation? But I do not think that the other Directors should have accepted it.


Given that they did, could it be that they were more concerned with protecting their individual reputations, as Windsor could be argued to have been an issue of collective responsibility for the Board?


If one balances Mike’s contribution to British Eventing with Windsor this knee-jerk reaction is neither fair nor strategically good for the sport in the long term.


Mike Tucker’s enthusiasm, energy, leadership and vision are just the kind of qualities we should have in a Chairman. If we sacked everyone who took a risk, or made a mistake, the sport would have few participants.


Wouldn’t it have been better if Mike had been given the chance to explain what had happened at the AGM, with the support he deserved from Board, and apologised if necessary to the members?


Wouldn’t it also be better for the Board to stand up and to admit that mistakes were made of both management and oversight, but that lessons had been learned?


Can I be the only person who thinks that Mike Tucker should be re-instated and given the opportunity to sort the problem out? I hope not.


For the reference of the membership I have sent a copy of this letter to The Horse and Hound magazine, and put a copy on my website (www.richardconstant.com), to make people aware of my views and concerns on this matter.


I urge the Directors strongly, as a member, and owner, and an enthusiast of the sport, to reconsider your decision and bring Mike Tucker back.


Yours faithfully



R A M Constant, MBE




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